Video: History Reviewed Radio Show S01EP02: S.Africa: Land Reform & Farm murders

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Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks
A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life.

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I discuss some things from my recent trip to Coligny as well as so-called Land Reform and what happens to farms that blacks have been given for free by the Govt. In the shows to come I want to explain the brutal war on white farmers in southern Africa.

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Video: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out
People have asked me if I still talk to my Jewish friends? Heres the full story of what I did and the resulting consequences. This is how I awoke to the Jewish problem and what I did.

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