Video: Black First Land First declare war on White South Africans – My Comments: GO FOR IT!

[BFLF are the latest radicals on the block. They are more radical than Julius Malema’s EFF. These blacks continue to dream their communist dream of phase 2 of the communist revolution. We whites must learn to stand up to these black communist scum. They can dream all they want … but as I always say: If you want WAR, then GO FOR IT… DECLARE WAR… LAUNCH YOUR ATTACK NOW … GO FOR IT, TRY YOUR LUCK YOU PIECES OF SHIT!!! Jan]

In this video by ‘Starbird Disagrees’ we see the Black first land first movement (BLF) make a number of statements which are tantamount to a declaration of war against South Africa’s white minority. The BLF leader, Andile Mngxitama, amongst other things, has said: “This is the dress rehearsal for the coming black revolution. When it happens no politician will control it and it won’t be consistent with vote catching or the constitution. It will eradicate the very roots of 1652 and it will be totally irrational. It’s coming. We getting ready.” A genocide threat?


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