Video: Belgian Vaccination Expert warns of a big Covid disaster: Geert Vanden Bossche PhD and his warning to the world against ‘Immune Escape’

[This is very technical and I need to study it more closely myself. This man talks about many things that are highly sophisticated and technical concepts. It seems to be very serious and he seems to be very knowledgeable. He is saying that your own innate immune system is far more powerful than induced immunity from vaccines. He does not say we must use more Vitamin D, but it definitely sounds as if that could be a big benefit and would fit in with what he is saying. He speaks about sophisticated concepts and that enormous mass vaccination could backfire on the world and even kill more people. He is talking about the ability of the virus to mutate and that tremendous pressure on it will speed up its ability to mutate. What he has to say seems to be some serious and very complex science. I'm also publishing details of what he says at various points. This might be worth studying and assessing carefully. Jan]

Here’s the video:

3:22 Placing pressure on viruses without stopping transmission forces mutations

6:00 Sars-Cov-2 requires hosts and cannot survive without one 7:20 The analogy of antibiotic resistance to explain vaccine resistance 9:38 Mass vaccinations during a pandemic are contra-indicated 10:40 Extended vaccine dosing intervals creates opportunity for Sars-Cov-2 immune escape 11:20 Being an asymptomatic carrier produces a suboptimal immune state 12:58 We are creating a worse problem than natural pandemics 14:30 Infection prevention measures and lockdowns are pressuring Sars-Cov-2 to mutate into new strains 17:57 The ‘innate’ immune system is the most important determinant in COVID-19 outcomes 20:16 We are weakening our innate immune systems by isolating them from exposure to pathogens 22:18 Australia and New Zealand are so isolated from Sars-Cov-2 that they have become the most susceptible in the world to bad COVID-19 outcomes 23:44 Lockdowns prevent mortality at the individual level but create disasters at the population level 25:28 Allowing a natural pandemic cycle 27:06 The virus itself teaches us how to intervene without causing immune escape 27:40 Antibodies are not responsible for elimination of COVID-19 because they comes too late. The mechanism responsible are NK Cells in the innate immune system 30:04 In natural pandemics viruses jump between immunological populations 32:19 Surges in antibodies (adaptive immune system) post infection outcompete natural antibodies (innate immune system) thus suppressing innate immunity 35:00 In pandemics, the likelihood of encountering a virus explodes 36:35 Young people will soon get COVID-19 because of higher likelihood of encounter combined with suppressed innate immunity 37:05 In a normal pandemic, viruses feel no mutation pressures (the story of herd immunity) 39:22 We are creating asymptomatic carriers and achieving the opposite of herd immunity 41:57 The Spanish Flu – over in 2 years. Naturally. 44:10 A summary of how we are pressuring Sars-Cov-2 to escape immunity and target young people 46:43 We have already created mutated strains so ‘letting the pandemic run’ may have been an option at the beginning but not now 49:00 Properly assessing the impact of human intervention 50:15 The binary of pro-vaccination vs anti-vaccination is not nuanced enough 51:08 Geert’s dire warning – ‘we are at the eve of a huge disaster’ 54:12 Testing Geert’s hypothesis – watch the countries who have large vaccination coverage 58:40 This is the first time in the history of humanity that we have intervened in a pandemic in such an aggressive way 59:41 How long until this hypothesis is proven? 1:01:05 What would prove Geert’s hypothesis incorrect? Spoiler: endemic and benign outcomes. 1:02:22 Where is the scientific evidence that we are heading toward herd immunity? 1:03:52 Sterilising immunity would change the game by closing sources of immune escape. 1:04:42 NK cell based vaccines (innate immunity) and introducing memory to NK cells. 1:05:58 The only scientifically reasonable approach is to completely eradicate the mutated strains through bolstering innate immune systems 1:07:55 How NK cell vaccine technology would work 1:10:57 The lack of interest in NK cell immunity 1:13:24 Mass global vaccination can only cause 2 outcomes: massive success or massive failure – anything in between is temporary and illusory 1:14:55 Innate cellular immunity will allow the destruction of infected cells and thus successful intervention in ongoing disease processes like cancer 1:21:46 There is no one currently funding innate immunity technologies such as NK cell memory 1:23:40 Natural approaches to strengthen innate immunity: good general health 1:27:39 The most important defence during the pandemic: our innate immune system 1:28:01 Do NOT vaccinate young people against COVID-19 (because of innate immune suppression, and specific antibodies do not explain viral recovery) 1:30:31 Distinguishing between immunological populations, not just simple demographic populations 1:33:02 Are there any immunological populations that we should still vaccinate with current vaccines that don’t confer sterilising immunity? 1:33:50 Sterilising immunity vaccines will not be possible because they are based on adaptive immunity (T cells and B cells) 1:37:32 Strong innate immunity at any age is not appealing to big pharma because you can’t sell it but it’s a powerful protective measure 1:40:20 What would be the best response humanity could mount to destroy Sars-Cov-2/COVID-19? 1:42:05 We cannot determine the level of natural antibodies, but we can determine the level of specific antibodies 1:44:15 If positive for specific antibodies your innate immunity is suppressed, so stay isolated until the titers disappear 1:45:55 Geert has worked inside the major vaccination companies and their work is exceptional, but it misses the point

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, DVM is an internationally recognised expert in vaccine development. He has acted as global director of a number of vaccine programs around the world, including for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Teaching and working in virology his entire professional life, Geert is raising the alarm over the global vaccination rollout and lockdown methodology which he believes is causative in the immune escape fears being raised by journals such as The Lancet and Science in January/February 2021.

He presents scientific evidence that ‘innate’ immunity is the actual determinant in recovery from and prevention of COVID-19. This is distinct from ‘acquired’ or ‘adaptive’ immunity where pathogenic response in T Cells and B Cells confers a memory upon the immune system. Vaccines work on the ‘adaptive’ immune system, not the ‘innate’ immune system.

His research points to over-zealous infection control procedures, as well as vaccines that do not produce sterilising immunity, as the two key drivers of evolutionary pressure upon Sars-Cov-2 that may result in vaccine-resistant phenotypes of the virus. If correct, this predicts much larger waves of COVID-19 including in younger, previously resistant people. He describes our current actions to combat Sars-Cov-2 as a ‘giant experiment’ and grossly irresponsible on such a global scale.

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