Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2020 No 8: Election Fraud & maltreatment of Whites in various countries


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The show was recorded on 10 December 2020. Alex and I discuss many topics: The stolen US election, Sidney Powell and the Texas law suit. The impact of Covid on Whites. The Antifa Autonomous Zone in Portland.

We discuss Whites who have been maltreated by the legal system and the Mass Media like: Kyle Rittenhouse and the terrible story of the White American girl, Amanda Knox who was framed in Italy for the murder of a British girl by a black African man.

We discuss a German who wages war against the Jewish-owned Spiegel news media in Germany from his website that is run from Russia called:

I give updates from South Africa about the trial of the Christian Harry Knoesen and the Crusaders who tried to overthrow the South African Government almost exactly a year ago in 2019.

We talk about the mass move by Whites to Parler.

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