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I wrote Government by Deception and published it in 2001 as a warning to the Whites of South Africa, especially the Boers about the Black Ruling part of South Africa that has ruled this country without any breaks, since 1994.

In this book I draw parallels between ZANU PF, the Communists who rule Zimbabwe and the ANC (African National Congress) which rules South Africa.

We are being ruled by our enemies. These are people who pretend to be interested in Democracy and Liberalism but in reality they are Communists and their goal is to rule South Africa forever.

Communism is very deceptive and these people cannot be trusted by what they say. It is better to watch them by what they do.

This was my first ever, political writing. This book was written over 20 years ago, and there are some things I’ve changed my mind about, especially regarding Januz Waluz the Polish man who shot the top Communist Chris Hani, as well as the Boeremag.

There is history in this book about Zimbabwe and Rhodesia, which most Whites are unaware of.

Take special note of these violent Black Communists and Semantic Warfare. The way they abuse words.

What they SAY versus what they DO, or intend to DO, can’t be trusted.

These are our enemies, and they will never be happy as long as we are around and functioning. It is wrong to expect that they want us to be happy, to prosper and to grow more powerful. They want the opposite, our destruction.

These people are power hungry and they will never give up power easily. They are dangerous and deceptive.

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