VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT: What the hell really happened in the ISIS war in Mozambique?


This message is really for South Africans in case some of you have feedback for me. I would like to ask folks to please do some research and talk to people you know. I am looking for any data regarding the recent fighting in Mozambique where the Black ISIS terrorists attacked the town of Palma. They apparently killed 55 people.

What I’m very interested in is every conceivable detail that we can find about (a) The original attack and more importantly (b) The counter attack by the Government to drive out the terrorists.

I’ve been reading some stories and looking at what the Mass Media is publishing, and there are things that do not seem right.

I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in any details or statistics of the fighting. I want to know how many ISIS were thought to have been there, as well as how many Mozambican troops went to drive them out. I want to know anything and everything that can be discerned about the weaponry either side had or the fighting, or the numbers of troops or the casualties, etc.

There are many things that don’t add up or make sense.

I have also heard that different units from other countries have gone there, including possibly from South Africa.

I know there’s a group called Van Dyck, but there could be others, who are also operating in the area as mercenaries for the Mozambican government. They use light helicopters and machine guns.

But I have heard other stories … which claim that what we are hearing in the Mass Media IS NOT TRUE.

That the actual battle to drive ISIS out IS NOT WHAT WE ARE BEING TOLD.

I am looking for anything and everything. Messages you may have come across, discussions you have seen, or photos or better still videos.

I am looking for *EVERYTHING*.

I noted that the SADC governments are now saying that they will "NEED A LOT OF MONEY" to fight against ISIS.

For such a miniature war, this sounds like a load of claptrap, and there must be a bunch of other things going on. It could be the normal corruption or it could mean something else.

Please make some efforts. I really think that the story that the MSM is putting out IS NOT FULLY TRUE and that what is really going on there militarily is quite different, and even embarrassing.

I believe there were beheadings of Blacks too.

Anything, everything, and every scrap of info you can pick up in any way … please leave messages for me on the contact us page of my website.

I am busy doing my utmost via my contacts to see what I can find out.

This is a very unique opportunity to study a number of very fascinating things and interactions, and I urge people to make the effort.

It seems as if things there got so bad that the French company Total has shut down for now.

But every scrap of military info that we can find, is of interest to me, even if we are not sure of the reliability of the sources.

I’m interested in the various military forces that are operating there as well as others that are moving in.

Nobody has suggested the size of ISIS, nor how well armed they are. But it does seem that in the attack on Palma that they were far better armed than before.


The battle to drive them out … is where the really interesting stuff lies…

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