Very Funny Meme: Afrikaner mocks anti-White South African Christian Angus Buchan…

[I don’t know who did this. But its pretty nasty and damned funny. Someone in Afrikaans added this caption to a photo of the anti-white, Liberal-loving, Christian Angus Buchan. He did the “mighty man” nonsense last year and hobnobs with the anti-white Jewish bitch Helen Zille. If you are looking for real mighty men that existed then some examples are the Roman army or the German Wehrmacht, not these idiots in South Africa! It should have been called the “mighty mouse” convention. These idiots will never do anything for South Africa. A million, “mighty” deluded mouse men I would say. Angus Buchan is a very wealthy farmer. He also has an orphanage for black children!

Let me translate the afrikaans: “Toe se die Here vir my, druk hierdie vinger in die koei se poephol in…” English: “Then God said to me, stick this finger into the cow’s anus…”

LMAO Now that’s classic! Jan]

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