#BS#VERY IMPORTANT: The most important thing ALL Whites can work towards: White Global Revolution!

#BS#This is from a little bit of advice I gave someone. This is the *ONLY* way we can save ourselves, in our different situations and also collectively. This is the *ONLY* thing to work towards. Everything else is just childish nonsense and Jewish and Liberal crap.

The only goal is: White Global Revolution.

I wrote this:
For Whites in general, you can help all of our race by spreading the word on many topics and trying to redpill anyone – even one new person is a critical thing. Red pilling whites is the best way to save our race everywhere. I think this can lead to ENORMOUS things. WHITE GLOBAL REVOLUTION is the only thing to work towards. It’s doable. I’m seeing more and more Whites active, even in Europe, even in Germany. Whites are breaking out.

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