I would like to urge readers of my website who live in South Africa to dig around via your contacts and friends in the country regarding the Natal violence.

The scale of this is something the likes of which has not been seen, perhaps at least as far back as the 1880s. This could be the greatest racial violence in 140 years. Nothing like this happened under Apartheid.

What I am looking for is more detailed information. I have watched perhaps as many as 300 videos and looked at what took place and there was MORE that took place than the lying mass media tells you.

There are many things that happened. I am ESPECIALLY INTERESTED in attempts by Whites and Indians to defend their suburbs. I know Whites and Indians also worked together. But they also worked separately. There were also security companies, especially White owned security companies who were heavily involved in the defense and fighting. And there were groups of citizens, including neighbourhood watches who were at work. I am EXTREMELY INTERESTED in all the events especially the defense of their neighbourhoods and their fights with the Blacks and the tactics and methods used. This was mostly in Durban, but it also occured in small towns long distances away. There was a LOT of violence. I’m very curious to get information that is either on the record or off the record from people who were there. Where possible, photos and videos are of interest.

I’m especially interested in methods of barricading that were used or methods to control and stop traffic and to also stop and push back Blacks.

I also want more information on this:-
o I’m interested in any defensive measures the Whites and Indians used and assessments of their effectiveness.
o Blacks set fire to many White farms and started enormous fires.

o What was the role of Malema’s EFF in this?
o Were the Whites able to identify which Black organisations were involved in this?
o Are there any estimates of the numbers of Blacks involved in all the attacks in Natal?
o Blacks destroyed White farms – I want more detail
o How many trucks and vehicles did Blacks set on fire and how did they manage to stop these vehicles?
o Blacks attacked an electricity power station
o Black prisoners definitely escaped – but it appears that there is a possibility that 9,000 Black prisoners broke out of a prison, or attempted to.
o Blacks broke into gun stores and stole weapons – how many weapons did they steal?
o How much ammo did the Blacks steal?
o What is the real story behind the loss of 1.2 million rounds of stolen ammunition? It was apparently in the care of the POLICE!?!?!? And then the Zulus seemed to have stolen it!?
o How many people of different races were killed? The grand total is given as 212. But how many Indians were killed? Were any Whites killed or injured?
o How many Blacks did the Indians kill?
o The Indians also attacked the Blacks. I want more details.
o I am very interested in the use of paintball and non-lethal weapons as well as the use of lethal weapons.
o While my main focus is Natal, because it’s wilder, info on Johannesburg’s problems are welcome. But it appears to me, correct me if I am wrong, that in Johannesburg, it was mainly Police and normal state services that fought the rioters whereas in Natal common Whites and normal security companies were involved in this.

I’m looking for more raw information, but especially from Whites who were on the ground or involved in the fighting.

There are a lot more things I’d like to know. Security people especially would be able to tell us – perhaps only off the record.

Please leave a message for me on the Contact us page of my website, or email me.

We need to do some serious digging for months, because this was a *MASSIVE* event and a lot of it is hidden.

I will be publishing the details of my own findings in the coming weeks and months.

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