Update from Jan: Police Captain came today – finalised documents for Criminal Case against me

This is just a note. I was very stressed by the criminal case lodged against me by a Jewish Professor at the university here in Johannesburg. I am sure she is Jewish because it was mentioned that this was also on behalf of the SAJBD – which is, to all intents and purposes, the "ADL" of South Africa. It’s not quite the ADL, but it is the single organisation that controls all the Jews and represents them all. So I think it’s almost a slam dunk that the professor herself, though her name does not seem overtly Jewish, is almost certainly Jewish.

The Police Captain had left some documents with me because I needed to make a statement. I had to get myself an attorney fast, at a most inconvenient time. I needed to get everything ready by the time he came.

It was stressful and I hate all legal stuff. It really unsettles me a lot. I am not sure what to trust.

I was however, quite happy with the statement that we put together, given that I do NOT have full documentation of the charges against me. So I have NOT seen the full charges laid against me. So that makes it tricky to write any kind of statement.

The Police Captain came, and we finished all the documentation and he left. He says I will probably hear from the court in a month or more, depending on how much backlog there is at the court.

I discovered that the charges were laid against me on the 1st of July and they had been served on me on 24th July.

The next time I hear from them, I will be in the form of a summons to go to court.

So that’s where things stand. It had blindsided me out of the blue. I am very concerned about free speech in SA, and a friend who used to be a Policeman said that he fears what this holds for any free speech for whites in SA.

This could be where things come to the end of the line. We will have to see.

At least, despite the inconvenient timing, I did manage to get an attorney and managed to at least feel that enough thought had been put into my reply. These are very tricky things and this is where a person can really botch it up for yourself. But I think, given the unexpected nature of this, I felt that I had done my best.

But I won’t really know what I’m up against, until the state prosecutor issues a summons and I get a chance to finally see what the exact charges are against me. So there are many unknowns here, which is disquieting.

But what a blindside I must tell you. When I saw that vehicle at my gate yesterday, I thought to myself that this is really unexpected and this makes no sense. I wondered about many things, but truly the last thought on my mind was that it was the Police!!! When that guy told me he was a Police Captain, that was truly the last thing I expected out of his mouth.

I will be posting again later. I finally did get a bit of sleep, and I could do with another nap. This has been stressful indeed. Legal stuff worries me a *LOT*. Ask Matt Hale how it turned out for him … just one thing said wrongly… and he’s sitting in jail for 40 years! That is the kind of nightmare I do not like to think of … that one can be entrapped into things and then eventually you find yourself locked up like Matt Hale or the Schaefers, etc.

So once the trial starts, then I’ll especially be asking for some donations for my legal defense.

But the Government, and Jews and faggots, have openly been pushing for some Draconian censorship in recent years. I did a video about it. In the last year the Government has been making many statements about jail time for people even using their phones and spreading information. They’ve been issuing many warnings in the Jewish Mass Media that people will be put in jail for various information. This Black Jew, Ramaphosa, is out to shut people up I tell you.

I will keep you up to date on this matter, and I will again be posting things on my websites after I’ve had some good rest.

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