U.S. expands secret wars in Africa – USA fights in 70-90 countries every day! – My Analysis

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[This confirms my suspicions that a *LOT* of Top Secret stuff is going on which we are hardly getting a hint of. This report is from 2016 and I wonder what is going on now? In 2015 the USA was fighting wars in 147 countries (75% of the countries in the world!). Isn’t it funny that nobody is comparing the USA to Hitler? The British, who were under Jewish control were the same. They waged war all over the world and at one time controlled 25% of the Earth’s surface, but they screamed about Hitler and “German aggression” when the Germans no longer had any colonies and they were fighting in Europe! The whole world screamed how the Germans were aggressive! But it was nothing compared to everyone else!

What I’m finding interesting is this: WHY is it necessary to fight in so many countries? What is really going on? How can the USA fight undeclared wars all over the place … with no declarations of war? How can it put troops all over the show?

When I observe the American military, I must tell you, that despite this talk of “lightweight war”, I think it must be costing the US Govt an enormous pile of money. Having observed the US, nothing they do is cheap. Of course they can borrow endless numbers of trillions from the Fed without any worries. Money is not in short supply, nor are things such as repaying the monies something one should be concerned about.

I find it fascinating that the US has a military presence in almost every African country. And again, I’m wondering why. I find it hard to believe that the Muslims can have a presence everywhere. Is this only about fighting Muslims? Really?

Why is the USA running around like a madman across the planet in a way that the world has never seen before? What justifies this? Also why the need to even hire mercenaries? I know some South Africans were fighting in Nigeria where there was a Muslim presence.

Are the Muslims really such a big threat? If so, then I’m impressed. I know about ten years ago the CIA was here in Johannesburg hunting down Muslims in Johannesburg, packing them on planes and sending them Guantanamo or wherever.

To me this is almost like overkill. Is this truly necessary? Or is this just an excuse for other things?

I’ve called on an American friend who keeps a close ear to all these sorts of things and I’ll question him about this too. Something much bigger is going on here. To me its as if we have a Secret WW3 on the go. But what’s really fascinating is how it is ONLY the USA that is running around like a madman.

Another aspect is this: There could be things going very wrong for the USA but with all this secrecy nobody will really know about it. The British fought a secret war in Malaysia and also other places like Aden. People did not even know a war was on the go. This is very much a British/Jewish type of style. In many ways the USA is the new Jewish Empire like Britain was. But eventually Britain could not hold their empire together and I suspect that the USA will wear itself out much faster – though it could take decades.

The whole situation raises a LOT of questions. Jan]

The secret expansion of U.S. military bases and special operations in Africahas initiated a new and lightweight style of warfare and welcomes the next phase of American military imperialism. Unlike the highly publicized U.S. military “pivot to Asia,” the proliferation of drones, special ops, mercenary spies, classified bases, proxy fighters and cyber warfare constitute what the journalist Nick Turse calls a “new light-footprint Obama doctrine” that “seems to be making war an ever more attractive and seemingly easy option.”


On any day, elite U.S. forces conduct covert missions in an estimated 70 to 90 countries. According to Turse, special forces have been sent to an unprecedented 147 countries —  75 percent of the world’s nations last year alone. This is a 145 percent increase from the rate of operations conducted under the Bush administration.

Wars conventionally fought by large infantry forces and full-scale invasions of foreign countries have made way for a new style of fighting — one that has become increasingly dependent on special forces, drones and private defense contractors. Because of the confidential nature of special ops, the Pentagon can essentially keep foreign military involvement secret from the American public. The U.S. has always had troops in Africa since the Cold War but the rate of its expansion dangerously indicates a lack of public accountability.


The shadow wars in Africa are now fought by members of the U.S. Special Operations Command and JSOC — a clandestine organization that carries out kill/capture missions. JSOC has been called “an almost industrial-scale counterterrorism killing machine” by counterinsurgency advisor John Nagl and many have described it as the president’s “private assassination squad.” The group reports directly to the White House. It is the military’s secret military.

The notion the U.S. would someday pull its troops out of the Middle East is a rather naive claim considering the fact we have nothing short of a permanent war economy. From main operating bases that house thousands of soldiers to single airstrips used by the C.I.A. to taxi their blacked-out turboprops, the U.S. continues to maintain over 800 to 1,000 bases around the world — making us the most expansive military empire in history. Nobody really knows the exact figure — not even the military experts. The late scholar Chalmers Johnson wrote in his book, “The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic” on how the Pentagon and an uncontrollable military-industrial complex have turned the U.S. into “a new kind of military empire — a consumerist Sparta.” Chalmers declares, “Another crucial characteristic that distinguished the American empire from empires of the past is that bases are not needed to fight wars but are instead pure manifestations of militarism and imperialism.”


Military expansion does not make us safe since it cultivates global instability. The uncontrollable growth into Africa has resulted in the funding and training of proxy armies with atrocious human-rights records and has attracted mercenaries such as Erik Prince — founder of the infamous Blackwater private army hired by the D.O.D to provide security to high-level diplomats during the Iraq war.

With military presence in 53 of 54 of Africa’s nations, the American empire has emerged to pick up where the former European colonial powers have left off.

Source: http://chimes.biola.edu/story/2016/may/10/us-expands-secret-wars-africa/

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