TOP SECRET: What I now know: Simon Roche & the Suidlanders: Am I investigating the Top 6 Leaders? – The BOAT!!!

I got some very urgent requests from an Afrikaans person who was asking me if I am still investigating the Suidlanders, and the person asked specifically, multiple times if I’m investigating the top 6 leaders. I’m not sure who the top 6 are. I asked the person for more information.

There is some information which I did get which I was giving to people in SA, but which I have not got around to publishing on the Internet.

So let me quickly summarize some of it from memory:-

1. It is possible that Simon Roche bought himself a new 4×4 in 2019. So things can’t be going that bad financially.

2. Roche apparently has a caravan here in South Africa and he’s been stashing a lot of food in it. So it seems that Roche believes, that an attack is still coming. I’m very bored with all this I might add. From 2007-2020 … these people never got it right, and the things which I think are CRITICAL; like us whites DECLARING WAR AND GOING TO WAR OVER THE BLACK JEWISH PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA AND HIS PLANS TO STEAL WHITE LAND WITHOUT COMPENSATION WHILE HOBNOBBING WITH THE JEWS OF ANGLO-A, who are buying up white farmland … I really think LAND SEIZURE WITHOUT COMPENSATION IS WORTH GOING TO WAR OVER. Yet Roche and the clowns keep on working on prophecy and nonsense which has been a flat failure since 2007 when Gustav started his first panic. Anyhow, it seems Roche actually believes his own nonsense and he’s stashing food.

3. The most interesting thing about the Suidlanders is something that I’ve kept to myself for long. The Suidlanders have a boat, a yacht to be more exact. I know the harbour where it is kept on the South African coast. This boat is owned by someone who is very close to the Suidlanders but not directly known by the masses. Someone really close to Gustav Muller, their real leader.

In April 2019, when the Suidlanders issued their highest ever level of warning for the May elections, which I told people would not be a threat, and where I turned out to be right. I was hearing that the TOP LEADERS of the Suidlanders, including Roche, were NOT going to make use of their “run away” and group together plan. The top leaders had another plan.

My information now is that in the event of this attack, which I’m so bored with, the Suidlanders have been loading stuff on this boat, and among their top people will be fleeing to the USA by BOAT!

I need to find my audio which I recorded several weeks ago when I got the info directly. That was more accurate. But it will give you an idea of the clown show.

I am also hearing that the Suidlanders are not as big today as in 2017 at their peak. Apparently there have been a number of break-away groups who no longer believe in them. This is good. I think the breaking away of groups in Boer/White organisations is not a bad thing. It causes stress, but it is also a case of whites competing with different ideas. Its really a very European thing to do, and in the long run a lot of good will come out of it. There is a lot of mixing and matching and talking, and manoevring, and in the end the whites will be much better as a result. Ditto for the infighting and stress among various leaders. This is natural competition. Its not a big thing. Its the result of thinking and ambition, etc … which is totally natural. The whites will be fine.

And the whites, generally are getting better, wiser, more cunning, more knowledeable, etc.

People have also come to me asking me for Race War info, on information from the past, which I will put into videos and audios so that we can closely study the topic of actual RACE WAR and why we whites must fight this thing.

Also, there’s a lot of activity in setting up white communities, especially in the northern and western cape.

Whites are busy … their hearts and minds are for their own state, a whites-only state, which I totally support. I think its something well worth fighting and even dying for.

The only true clown show we really have here are the Suidlanders. But there are many good, solid people inside the organisation and regardless of the clowns running the show, I think the vast bulk of the normal whites therein, will grow stronger and will outlive the clowns who run the show.

I also heard that Roche was in Croatia. I don’t know what for. I might be able to guess. I just hope that he does not FUCK IT UP for us whites, if we want to speak to the Croatians and other Europeans in the future.

I will see what info comes in regarding the Suidlanders.

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