Thinking about Whites who want to get out of Cities (e.g. North America)


In the past I have differed with whites who keep leaving the cities, including here in SA, who want to go and live in the country. I could not understand why whites would want to give up civilisation and the beating heart of a city for living in the woods. But I think I’m grasping it now.

I find myself, at my own home, doing more and more things as if I’m not even living in the city. I think what whites really want is FREEDOM to get away from all these non-whites, Jews and Liberals that surround you in the city. It’s really a chance for whites to be FREE and to get time to think and do things for themselves.

What I will still say though, is that in the long term, like the NAZIS, we need to TAKE BACK THESE CITIES!!! Leaving the heart of civilisation being controlled by Jews, blacks, Liberals, faggots, transvestites and other assorted scum that Jews are bringing in, is WRONG. Whites MUST take BACK our civilisation and countries. However, we may need a time outside the cities to learn certain skills, to find ourselves and to prepare ourselves for the future wars to RETAKE civilization.

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