There are lots of Whites who are always looking for "the easy way out". They want
simple solutions. They want quick solutions. They want to vote for something so
that their problems go away, or they want to pay someone or buy something so that
their problems go away. They think that if they talk to our enemies that suddenly
we will find out it was all just a big mistake and a big misunderstanding and then
we will hug each other and everything will be fine.

These Whites are living in a delusional world. Politics is a deep Rabbit Hole. And
you don’t know about it, until you step into it. There is no Liberal answer or any
easy answer. The only people in the world who have gone down the Rabbit hole and
seen what really is down there, are the people in THE WHITE RIGHT.

Our enemies do their utmost to prevent Whites from hearing what The White Right has
to say. And the vast majority of Whites are SCARED and SHOCKED by what the White
Right has to say. But the White Right is the only true game in town to White

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