The White Race’s Greatest Insanity: Guilt…

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This is from a discussion I jumped in where an American lady made this comment:
The Asians aren’t burdened with faux guilt.

I replied:

Now you’re talking! NO RACE IS BURDENED WITH GUILT!!! NOT ONE! No Arabs, Muslims, Asians or Blacks. NONE OF THEM. Never! Even when they did hideous things. I was reading the other day while doing some research in the Biafran war which took place in Nigeria, Africa in the 1960s, that 2 million Blacks were starved to death during the war. But you won’t hear one peep about this from Jews, Liberals or any Leftists. Not one. You’ll hear them screech to high heaven about Apartheid, or the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa. Do you know how many Blacks were killed in Sharpeville? 67. Yes, 67. That’s nothing. But you won’t hear about the 2 million Blacks starved to death by other Blacks in the Biafran war. You won’t hear about other massacres where Blacks slaughtered thousands of Indians. I have seen a lecture by a Jewish Professor from Israel (which I must find again), where he BOASTS about how Jews invented GUILT!!!! He boasts about it! Guilt, especially Christian Guilt is a concept only our race knows and abides by. And Jews and others have exploited this MASSIVELY to our detriment where our nations and our race is too afraid to do the slightest thing.

WE ARE NUTS!!!! We are not doing 1% or even one-thousandth of one percent of what our race is capable of. Yet everyone else runs around and kills and they think nothing of it. Blacks slaughter Blacks. Blacks TORTURE OTHER BLACKS TO DEATH. I have it on video. I was watching one such video recently where Blacks were busy electrocuting another Black somewhere in Africa. They probably killed him afterwards.



We are the only race who hold back, and we hold back to a point of totally insane madness. WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES!

The Jew abuses all our thoughts and our values. The Jew twists and abuses everything we have. This comes from allowing these low life scum into our society in the first place.

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Video: God said: Exterminate the Blacks: The Harry Knoesen Story S.Africa
Lots of Whites say that Christians will never fight. Here is a story unlike any other. This is the strange story of the CRUSADERS, the (NCRM) National Christian Resistance Movement of South Africa. This was a Christian Racialist who had former SADF special forces, Recces with him. They wanted to seize back South Africa for WHITES! This took place in 2018 and 2019. We study what Harry did and the many strange twists and turns in this strange story.

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