The Scum Rise to the Top: Wealth is for Scum

[This is from an email reply I wrote to a US Army Vet. I used to believe in the FREE MARKET and that competition led to the best and fairest outcome … NOT! Enter, Jews and their FreeMason bum chums and their ability to seize the best opportunities for their dirty pals while cheating the decent, honest common man out of his fair opportunity in business. Business seems to me, ever more to be nothing but a scam where secret groups steal opportunities and keep it for themselves. Jan]

I wrote:

I understand that veterans are not wealthy. The majority of the good whites are NOT WEALTHY. I’ve begun seeing wealth and opulence as a sign of anti-White hatred. I saw a white man flash by me the other day in a brand new, super top range BMW and I find myself thinking: Is he a Jew or a Freemason? What kind of anti-White crap is he? Only the garbage gets to be rich.

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