The Revenge of White Farmers in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)

This is from a discussion I had with an American. This is what he told me:-
While working in Thailand in 1997 I met a White Zimbabwe guy. He had a Farm in Zimbabwe. As the ruling elite starting taking White Farms, he saw the writing on the wall, So he disced his fields, spread salt all over them, then plowed the salt as deep as he could so that nothing would ever grow there again. He sold all that he could sell, gave some stuff away, then burned his home to the ground. They seized his land 2 years later, but he had already moved to the Philippines. He had to go where they would take him and no White Country would do that. Good for him.

I responded:
But I know of other White farmers who screwed the blacks back. Some black african countries like Nigeria wanted white farmers. The whites who went there ensured that they got their pound of flesh and they screwed the blacks. Some made a huge amount of money.

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