The Fash Bash: Pastor Eli James and Jan meet

When I went to The Fash Bash, I was astounded at how many white Christians pitched up, whom I had not expected. I would say that perhaps white christians, especially Christian identity made up about 60% of the attendants at the Fash Bash.
The National Socialists (NAZI’s) were functioning fine with the Christians. We were respectful of each other’s beliefs and focused on whites being under attack by Jews and Blacks.
Among the really nice Christians I met were Travis Golie and to my amazement I met Pastor Eli James of Eurofolk Radio. This is also where Andrew Carrington Hitchcock does his show.
It was good to meet Eli James face to face and shake his hands. He also kindly interviewed me now, just a week later.
I’ll be putting up the audio of that shortly.
I hope that Christians will invite more National Socialists (NAZI’s) to their events, because all that is critical is that we whites face our enemies… the Jews and blacks who want to destroy us. Of course the Jews use blacks as cannon fodder to fight the whites because the Jewish scum are lazy cowards and two-faced filth!

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