The Black Jew Ramaphosa got a big kick in his teeth from the Black Communist Zuma!

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The Black Jew Ramaphosa certainly got a *LOT* more than he bargained for from the Zulu Warrior and Communist Zuma. It makes me chuckle.

The scale of the hits the Rich took is simply staggering. Already the initial assessments are coming in and they are HIGH. Just a day or two ago they were saying US$ 2 billion, but now the latest numbers are saying $3.4 billion (R50 billion). These are numbers nobody has ever anticipated. This is enormous. At least 40,000 businesses were affected.

Some, like the Jewish chain, Pick N Pay, are actually keeping their mouths shut at this time. But people are expecting some big numbers to come out of that too.

The last guy to knock Zuma out, or to try to, was President Mbeki back before 2009. Mbeki got a kick in his teeth he was not expecting. In fact, Zuma won and Mbeki lost power! That backfired BADLY on Mbeki and it bought Zuma the Presidency for two terms.

But Ramaphosa never expected a backlash like this. It makes me laugh so much.

Ramaphosa got more egg on his face than he could ever have imagined.

We’ve not seen the end of the Zuma war.

Mark my words, you’re seeing something that will determine the fate of South Africa. Possibly even the beginning of the BREAK UP of South Africa in decades to come.

Time and time again, Liberals and dumb asses have underestimated the hard core communist support that Zuma has.

It’s going to make for some very exciting years ahead.

South Africa has been too boring. Now we’re heading into serious problems.

I like this.

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