Quite a while back, perhaps a year or two ago, there was an online conference organised by Afriforum in South Africa where they brought in Academics to discuss, live on Youtube an "Afrikaner Volkstaat" – which basically boils down to a White Ethnostate. I found a screenshot that I had made of it back then.

However, that conference also just "disappeared". I never again heard of ANYTHING to do with it. I had expected that since it was live on Youtube that afterwards we would be able to watch it. But nobody ever came back with any info regarding it.

If anyone here is in South Africa or knows anyone in Afriforum or Solidarity or the FF+ and can give me some feedback, I would be most interested.

Afriforum is the single most powerful Afrikaans organisation in South Africa. They are linked to (((Money))) in many forms. And my understanding is that the leader of Afriforum was actually the Private Secretary of the last White President of South Africa, FW De Klerk.

What is disgusting about Afriforum is that they have openly said that they do not condone "racism". They are not Right wing. But they are very wealthy and very powerful. They’re the most powerful "White" organisation in SA.

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