SUPPORT SMALL WHITE BUSINESS: Buy WHITE … your friendly WHITE supermarket…


[This is a comment from one of our readers. I also try as much as possible to deal with white owned businesses where I can, especially independents. Let me tell you that Muslims, Jews, Blacks, etc ALL DO THE SAME! THEY SUPPORT THEIR OWN KIND FIRST! It is ONLY WHITES WHO ARE NOT DOING THAT! ONLY WHITES!! We had better learn this FAST. I try as much as I can to do this. If I can't find a fully white business then I try the ones who have the highest percentage of whites. And there are some small white businesses that I am really pleased I deal with. They are professional and fast, even though they lack all that JEWISH MONEY!!! But they are wonderful. It is nice. And as per Maria's comments below, the whites are NOT BABIES … no need to cry like girls over "COVID" … We can handle COVID easily! We're WHITE!! We survived the black death!!! Jan]

This is what Maria wrote:

I love shopping at our local independent supermarket. They hire lovely young White men and women who are friendly and good workers. They also specialise in local foods. Sometimes a little dearer but worth it for quality and supporting local farmers and food producers. During the Covid restrictions the independent supermarket provided a superior service with no plexi glass barriers, always packing your bags, no masks and friendly service.

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