Suidlanders: Simon Roche & the Jew Molyneux talk shit about South African Civil War after Zuma

I saw information that Simon Roche and the Jew scumbag Molyneux were talking about South Africa and that the removal of Zuma will result in a Civil war in South Africa. This is pure nonsense.

Other people sent me info about why Zuma will declare a state of emergency and call in the army and smash Ramaphosa, etc.

I did some investigation and analysis of my own. This is pure nonsense. This will not happen. Zuma will conduct everything using politics.

Zuma is a Zulu and he has survived for decades in the ANC which is a Xhosa dominated organisation. He has survived and moved upwards in an organisation where the majority are NOT of his tribe. He could only have done this if he has good political skills. He’s survived where others would not.

One thing the blacks are lying about is the ANC recall option. They did use that to get rid of Mbeki and they said it was a firm rule back then. Now they deny it.

My own analysis is that the Liberal/Jew/Elite/Rich are trying to get their fingers into the ANC to control it and this must be having a certain amount of success and that is why the ANC is actually bending for the notion of kicking Zuma out.

But factually, the ANC has NOT actually accused Zuma of any actual crime.

The Global Elite and assorted upper-class Jew-dominated filth are using their media and their various revolutionary/nation-destroying methods against the ANC in order to get a grip on them and force them to bend to their will.

For the record this is why the Global Elite/Jews hated whites because white rulers did NOT bend to the rich. That is one of the reasons why the Jew infested Western world worked to destroy the whites of Africa was because we would not bend easily to pressure.

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