Stupid South Africa: COVID-19 lockdown now brings STARVATION to MILLIONS!!!


[I've said to the whites here, that the greatest threat from COVID is not dying from it but dying from starvation. For the blacks however, this is a big problem, and they're going crazy. Really. This could unleash a serious crime wave. The real threat now are black criminals. This is something I will now have to watch myself. They could come into the suburbs.

What annoys me are all the whites donating to the blacks and even going out and feeding the scum. This is so counter-productive. More whites will need to have their throats slit before they learn the lesson I'm afraid. And Christians need to stop glorifying the POOR. Leave them to die. Jan]

Volunteers in South Africa are working around the clock to provide food for millions of poor South Africans.

The government is set to announce relief measures, but many communities are already in crisis and food riots are expected to increase in the coming weeks.

Those on the ground say people are desperate, and not enough is being done to deliver food parcels to everyone in need.

Non-profit organisations say ordinary South Africans have opened their hearts and are helping in whatever way they can, but it’s not enough. The government will need to step up its efforts to reach everyone in need.

Volunteers working in poor communities have warned the country could descend into chaos unless more is done – urgently.


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