STOP IT! Jews in South Africa are bringing their HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS into Courts of Law!!!!

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When I was looking into legal issues with regard to South Africa and with regard to the threats by the Jews to me, I came across an instance where a black man, I think, was in court for the fake crime of "hate speech" against the Jews. Then the Jews trotted in with a female (why is it always a woman? – Are the Jewish women better liars than the men?) – who then said she had survived the holocaust and she told them of all the terrible things she saw …. (No doubt, all of them perpetrated by the GERMANS … the EVIL NAZIS….) ….

Here in South Africa we have several holocaust museums too. Children of all races are sent off to these Jewish holocaust museums to hear about those evil Germans and such nonsense

There is also one Apartheid Museum and it is run by a JEW, and I came across someone who found TWO LIES that the Jewish owned Apartheid museum tells. The one is a lie, a fake quote from Verwoerd and one is a fake quote from Trump. There is a South African who has done research and tried to expose these 2 lies from the Apartheid museum and he made a video about it that needs to be spread and seen. So he’s done the research and he’s trying to tell everyone about its lies.

These Jewish holocaust survivors should NOT be allowed into South African courts of law. They should actually not be allowed in ANY COURTS OF LAW ANYWHERE IN THE WESTERN WORLD. But yes, just to show you, the Jews are trotting out all their old survivors in South Africa and using them against even the blacks who detest the Jews and Israel.

The black in question had said that Jews from South Africa should all go to Israel – WHICH I TOTALLY AGREE WITH. He also made an amazing statement that "the Jews should be menaced" … So the Jews had him up on hate speech charges.

But yeah, it’s not just the USA and Europe where all these old "survivors" get to talk their crap. They get to do it in South African courts of law – and they should be banned from this.

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