Southern Africa: History & the Future: White and Black Power – White hope in the future

Something I want to mention to people, according to my own studies of our history and my analysis of where we are now, and where we are going to, is this.

The peak of White power in southern Africa was in 1974. Whites, as a whole, were winning 14 years into the race wars at the time. That was, in my view the peak of White power in southern Africa.

South Africa’s own power was still growing, and I would say South Africa’s power peaked round about 1985-7.

After White power peaked, Whites gave up, mostly due to demoralisation and unswerving pressure from the West. Though America and Russia played a big role in certain nasty moves that helped to collapse White power. But White power collapsed short after peaking militarily. But like I say, the collapse was morale rather than by physical defeat.

My view of southern Africa is that Black power peaked in the year 2000 and since then it’s been on a slow slide downwards. The Blacks, unlike the Whites, enjoy TOTAL WORLDWIDE SUPPORT. The Jews are bankrolling them big time, and pumping money and positive publicity towards them.

If the Blacks did not have this MASSIVE international support at every level their power would have collapsed in a mere 5 years or less.

Even so, in my estimation, Black power peaked in 2000 and it’s been on a downhill slope ever since which is also accelerating slowly. What’s keeping them up, again is the MASSIVE and continuing support of all the Elites and powerful forces in the world.

But even so, the Blacks cannot be saved. Their power is slipping, and it is on a permanent decline which will later accelerate and become more chaotic.

This is good news for Whites. We are not finished.

We must just hang in like crazy and not give up. We will get new opportunities in the future.

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