South Africa heading towards FAILED STATE status on seizing land without Compensation


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On 27 February 2020, the FF Plus asked the Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, to take a stand on the issue of expropriation without compensation in the province.

The party made it very clear that South Africa is facing the possibility of becoming a failed state due to the ANC’s poor governance over the last 25 years.

Against this backdrop, it simply does not seem that the Premier’s action plan to make Gauteng a successful province is feasible. The single biggest threat to any form of progress, however, is the damaging effect of expropriation without compensation.

The FF Plus asked Premier Makhura whether he will take a stand against the national ANC government about the issue of expropriation without compensation, just like he did with e-toll.

Makhura eluded the question by responding vaguely and saying that land reform is necessary; he did not elaborate any further.

The FF Plus will continue to highlight the dangers of ANC policy and will play an aggressive role in protecting private property rights.

Read the original article in Afrikaans by Adv Anton Alberts on FF Plus


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