South Africa: APARTHEID: The Boer Vs Afrikaner Controversy: ALL White Afrikaans people were called AFRIKANERS!

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With regard to the Boer/Afrikaner controversy, which I regard as a dumb issue. As I’ve been reading books, articles and videos, that relate to the time of Apartheid. There is one unquestionable fact: The term "Boer" was NEVER USED. NEVER. Nobody EVER called themselves a Boer during the time of White rule, even though, probably the majority of the White Afrikaans speakers were Boers – as in DIRECT DESCENDENTS of the Boer Republics which had fought the British Empire.

In all the books, and writing and videos, even where leaders spoke, ALL THE WHITES RIGHT UP TO THE PRIME MINISTER CALLED THEMSELVES "AFRIKANERS".

The term Afrikaner was the term used for "Boers/Cape Dutch" during the time of Apartheid.

You can see it EVERYWHERE. In ALL the books written at the time, and all the speeches people made.

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