Sanral’s stupid toll fees: R3.6 billion not paid!

[Sanral sent out this letter recently. Its good to see people are not paying. The whole thing is a scam. Those roads that we’re paying tolls on existed long before they put the tolls up. Sanral is still going to go after people. This business of toll roads is one of the most disgusting things the ANC brought in. A total needless rip-off. Jan]

Dear registered e-toll user

SANRAL would like to thank all e-toll users who continue to uphold and pay their e-toll accounts, thus choosing to be law-abiding citizens.

Regarding the reports in the press the past days that SANRAL has written-off R3.6 billion of debt on e-tolls, we would like to set the record straight. Non-payment of e-toll remains a criminal offence, and this does not prescribe. SANRAL has a duty to collect all outstanding toll payments and offenders can be criminally prosecuted or held liable through civil action.

Although SANRAL has currently embarked on a civil process and the issuing of summonses, SANRAL may also engage in a criminal process related to toll payment infringements since the toll commencement date.

There is a difference in debt that is written off and a debt that is impaired. For the latter, SANRAL has made a provision, as required by international accounting standards based on indicators such as significant financial difficulty of a debtor and default in payments. Although we have made a provision as required for accounting purposes to impair the R3.6 billion debt, it should be emphasised that this amount was not written off, as this impaired debt will still be pursued.

Lastly, SANRAL wants to emphasize that the road users that have paid their tolls in the past, and continue to pay, will not be prejudiced as compared to offenders that have chosen not to pay.

Yours Faithfully

e-toll Customer Services

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