SA: VBS: Top Blacks stealing from Blacks: Ramaphosa lied about the R500,000 to his son – He got the money!

[I wouldn’t trust Ramaphosa in any way. This guy is in with the Jews and with the Chief Rabbi of South Africa (see the photo above). Ramaphosa has a habit of telling different stories depending on his audience. He has now issued a new statement below. I think with Ramaphosa we’ll be seeing new levels of deception and lying that will amaze even South Africans. Jan]

Opinion by Front National SA

Two weeks ago Ramaphosa promised that he will personally take his son, Andile, to jail if it is true that he received R500 000 from Bosasa. Here’s the truth now. It wasn’t Andile who received the money, it was Cyril himself! And he used it for his campaign in the ANC to win the leadership against Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.

Rotten to the very core. No better than Zuma.

Ramaphosa, Front National now demands you keep your promise to see the culprit in jail, report to a police station tomorrow morning and hand yourself over for corruption and misleading Parliament.

But before that, offer your resignation please.

You lied to the UN, to the European Parliament and to your own. You are an embarrassment.

Please go!


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