SA: Government by Deception: The Jew Tony Leon attacked me in a personal letter…

[I am still working on getting back my old AfricanCrisis archive. The archive is fine. I've just got one final technical problem that I need to fix. Anyway, I was doing a quick search for someone regarding an old article I had written. While doing so, I stumbled on something interesting.
When I had written Government by Deception, I had sent copies of it to various people and a few wrote back. But I had forgotten that I sent a copy to Tony Leon. Now Tony Leon is hugely important in Liberal circles, and he ran the DA – Democratic Alliance. Back then I knew nothing about the Jews. I did not know that the DA was Jewish owned and controlled. Even now in 2022, that's still true. The Jews even had to seize it back from the Blacks.
In 2004, I wrote on AfricanCrisis that I had sent a letter to Tony Leon and he had written a nasty letter back to me. What I did not know back then was that Tony Leon was a JEW!!!
Here are some excerpts from what I posted in 2004 on AfricanCrisis about this incident. And I made some comments about Tony Leon, thinking he is only a Liberal and a foolish one at that, when in fact, he is a JEW busy with his Jewish agenda! Check out below my comments about him and what I thought his chances would be of dealing with the Blacks! So many years later … judge for yourself! See below what I wrote about Tony Leon's response to me when I sent him a copy of my book, Government by Deception! Jan]

Here’s what I wrote:-
Africa’s Undeclared War on White People – The latest in Zim

WARNING: This is Version 1 of my old archive, so Photos will NOT work and many links will NOT work. But you can find articles by searching on the Titles. There is a lot of information in this archive. Use the SEARCH BAR at the top right. Prior to December 2012; I was a pro-Christian type of Conservative. I was unaware of the mass of Jewish lies in history, especially the lies regarding WW2 and Hitler. So in here you will find pro-Jewish and pro-Israel material. I was definitely WRONG about the Boeremag and Janusz Walus. They were for real.

Original Post Date: 2004-06-09 Time: 13:54:19 Posted By: Jan

[Tony Leon is a liberal trying to be as tough as a Liberal can be. But these wishy washy Liberal words will be as water off the Marxist ANC’s back which approves of the Soviet Zimbabwe to the north of us where the last vestigates of Capitalism are being swept away to prepare for total hell on Earth for the inhabitants there.

Tony Leon, who leads our much-weakened, (probably cheated), political opposition, attacked me quite fiercely in a personal letter when I sent him a copy of my book Government by Deception.

But I take heart… So far… my book is being proven true… as the Marxists push forward in their UnDeclared War on White People in Africa.

Yeah Tony… buddy… continue talking mate… the ANC will sweep everything from under your feet… Until you, like the rest… like Van Schalkwyk the White Coward and Ass-kisser… have nothing left.

Nevertheless, it is good that Tony Leon speaks. It at least makes the world aware of what is happening – though his words alone will change nothing. Blacks and whites in Africa are on a collision course…

Sadly, Liberals like Leon don’t want to believe what people like me are saying. I’ve read Mugabe’s own words… He has ideas completely alien to that of Tony Leon. Leon is wasting his time. In the end… in the very end… the only sounds that will make a difference, will be the firing of machine guns. Until then… we will continue to lose… Jan]

Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon on Wednesday called for immediate action on Zimbabwe following the latest land grab moves by President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

In a statement, he said the decision by the Zimbabwean government to nationalise all farmland by cancelling title deeds to all productive land, and replacing them with 99-year leases, represented an appalling step backwards for that country and for the region.

“It is absolutely crucial that South Africa ends the silence of silent diplomacy. There is an urgent need for both words and action on Zimbabwe’s latest economic anarchy,” he said.

“Our continued failure to speak out on an issue in our immediate sphere of influence — right in our own back yard — stands in sharp contrast to the megaphone diplomacy the South African government has been broadcasting on Haiti, Palestine and the reform of the United Nations.”

Silence was no longer an option on an issue which had overwhelming negative consequences for South African and the entire region.

Until the government spoke out against the nationalisation of land in Zimbabwe, its silence would be read as consent for this decision.

“It is our hope that developments in Zimbabwe will be placed on the agenda at the G8 summit currently taking place in Sea Island, Georgia [United States]; if not by President Mbeki, then by other world leaders.

“Like South Africa, the world cannot stand by and simply allow the crippling assault on economic rights in Zimbabwe go unchecked,” Leon said.

Genuine progress would never be made on the implementation of Nepad and other renewal programmes on the African continent unless strict and decisive action was taken against Zimbabwe, which through this decision continued its flagrant flouting of the principles of good economic and political governance, as contained in Nepad.

The Zimbabwean government’s plan to ensure that ultimately all land would be state-owned was an immediate red flag to potential investors in Southern Africa.

The economic fallout from such a decision would see Zimbabwe continue its current economic implosion with the resultant destabilising effects on Southern African economies.

It would also exacerbate the already critical shortage of maize, which threatened the food security of millions of Zimbabweans, hastening the exodus of increasing numbers of Zimbabwean refugees to South Africa.

Government should take decisive action on this issue, firstly by condemning the proposal in the strongest possible terms, and secondly by taking practical steps to protect the property rights of South African citizens in Zimbabwe, something which it had so far failed to do.

“Finally, the government should adopt our ‘road to recovery’ plan for Zimbabwe, which will ultimately see democratic elections taking place in that country,” Leon said. – Sapa

Source: Daily Mail & Guardian


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