SA: Blacks select the first 139 White Farms to seize – Also: Keeping Black land CHEAP!


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Blacks in Africa hate talking about AIDS and they hide it. This was a good news report I managed to find years ago. Nowadays, you don‘t see anything like this being published.

[The black term “lekgotla” merely means talks/meeting. The blacks had a 2 day meeting to discuss this. These scumbags in the ANC (African National Congress) are slick. They know how to word things so that it sounds professional. The bottom line is that Julius Malema of the EFF, who are open communists are the ones who set this in motion in parliament. Malema was a member of the ANC Youth League and he discovered that Mandela was a radical communist. The ANC has been a communist organisation for decades and its tied in the Tripartite Alliance with the South African Communist Party as well as COSATU (a Communist controlled trade union organisation). These three entities work together and you’ll find some old “white” Jewish scumbags in the South African Communist Party too.

The ANC does not want to lose the election in 2019. They’ll pull out all the stops to do this. All the rational for this are bogus. Its pure communism aimed at whites. They could probably have easily found the money if they needed to. They are rolling in the money. But this is just communism where they come and steal your stuff. That’s the point of this exercise which Malema has marketed and which the ANC now needs to match. Make no mistake these commies can work hand-in-glove when they need to. So don’t feel sorry for any of them. The ANC as well as the EFF are garbage. They are commies and this is their wet dream.

Notice also how the blacks who get cheap and even free land in the rural areas are to be protected by keeping land prices there cheaper!!! Its mentioned right at the bottom of this article.

The bottom line is that this will harm the image of the country and will make local whites as well as foreign whites/Liberals more jumpy.

As you can see in the article the Land Court exists. In fact, its about 15 Km from my house. So as you can see all the processes are in place, as they have been for 22 years. But this time the Govt is going to refuse to pay for the land and then see how the judges react. This will precede the changing of the constitution which is going to happen anyway.

The changing of the constitution is the nightmare whites worried about a lot. They worried about it in Rhodesia and they worried about it in South Africa. But the Liberals/Jews/Commies all lied and said things to calm the whites down. But now the nightmare is real and now we’ll have to see what happens.

It is interesting that they are thinking of putting “conditions” on the land which must be expropriated (stolen). That could set a lot more people at ease if there are some conditions. But we’d have to see what they do. It seems to me they want to grab some land before the election next year to ensure that the EFF can’t pip the ANC at the post.

All of this is utter nonsense I must tell you. This is COMMUNISM and this is why the whites FOUGHT A WAR AGAINST THE BLACKS! But all the Liberals/Jews/USA Govt/UK Govt and others said that we whites were lying about our reasons for fighting. Now you can see, decades later, we were right. We were right to be against this, and everyone LIED TO US and told us we were paranoid and we were talking shit. But you can see that we had a right to fear. Now we are not in a position to oppose this. 

So a lesson to all whites: Get used to being LIED TO by Liberals/Jews/Commies. Never listen to the scum. Stick with your own assessment of things. Jan]

139 farms targeted for expropriation without compensation

2018-08-05 09:59


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