S.African Government engaging in new madness: Will it backfire? – Seizing property from before 1913

I was glancing at a newspaper here in South Africa today. I don’t waste a cent buying these pieces of Liberal shit. I don’t put a cent in the pocket of an anti-White Liberal.

But the headline was about how the Government was extending land claims to BEFORE 1913. Now this is a new nightmare. 1913 is a date they’ve steered clear of. It opens many cans of worms.

In 1913 there was the Native Land Act.

This opens up the possibility that Black tribes can also try seizing land – something that has been off the cards before.

It could be that the goal of this is really to find additional, new ways to drive WHITES off land. But it could open up other cans of worms too among the non-Whites.

The Blacks are seizing all they can and these filthy communists aided by the Jews are engaging in all kinds of evil anti-White nonsense.

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