S.Africa: Witch Doctors at work: Albino girl forced to drink brake fluid before her murder for body parts

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[The photo above is of a modern Witch Doctor. You see all those bottles with all those “magic” “medicines” behind him? That’s all their hocus pocus and nonsense.

Here are those insidious witch doctors at work. They go by the benign name of “sangomas” these days, which is translated as “ritual healers”. Forget all that poppycock. This is what we whites called Witch Doctors. Its the same stuff. They also murder people for their body parts and sell them to very wealthy, very powerful blacks. This is black retardation and madness which we whites must have nothing to do with. These are their own devils.

In the article they killed her for “muti” which the blacks translate as “medicine”. But in fact their idea of “medicine” is really witchcraft. So they killed her in order for their business to thrive!

They murdered an albino girl and that is probably because according to their own stupid “logic” they have more “magic” value. You’ll see the weird things they did which came out in the trial below. They clearly murdered her for her body parts – which I tell you they sell to rich and powerful blacks.



muti albino 3 accused sa
Thokozani Msibi (first from left) Brilliant Mkhize, Themba Thubane and Knowledge Mhlanga inside the dock in the Witbank Magistrate’s Court in Mpumalanga. File picture: ANA Reporter

Witbank – Gabisile Shabane, a 13-year-old girl with albinism who was kidnapped with another child from their home in Hlalanikahle in Mpumalanga, was forced to smoke dagga and drink a vehicle’s brake fluid mixed with beer shortly before she was murdered, the Witbank Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday.

“Accused number one [traditional healer Thokozani Msibi] mixed brake fluid with beer and forced Gabisile to drink it. She was also forced to smoke dagga with accused number two [Brilliant Mkhize],” State prosecutor Fanie Mavundla said.

He was reading an affidavit while opposing bail for Mkhize, Themba Thubane and Knowledge Mhlanga.

He said the evidence in the affidavit was obtained by the police from State witness Thulani Thobela, adding that the affidavit came from investigating officer Colonel Ngina Masombuka.

Mavundla said Shabane’s headless body was found buried in a shallow grave in Cullinan, east of Pretoria, in February, with some parts missing.

“The missing parts are the arms, heart, lungs, vagina, uterus, ovaries, all the abdominal organs and the bladder. The head, one arm and a part of the vagina were later found at the home of accused number one,” said Mavundla.

Msibi, who was also in the dock on Wednesday, was denied bail by the same court on March 6.

Shabane and 15-month-old Nkosikhona Ngwenya were kidnapped from their home on January 28, allegedly by three men who entered the house through a broken window.

Ngwenya’s body was found on the side of the N4 freeway in Mpumalanga in the third week of February.

Mavundla said Shabane was killed so that Msibi could use her body parts to create muti for Thubane and Mhlanga to make their business — a private college — thrive. Mkhize wanted Msibi to make him rich through the same muti, he added.

Defence lawyer, Mzamo Sibisi, for Thubane and Mhlanga, disputed the evidence presented by Mavundla, saying it was unconstitutionally obtained by force.

Magistrate Darleen Venter postponed the matter to Thursday for a judgment.

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Source: http://www.httf.co.za/2018/04/14/south-africa-muti-murder-albino-girl-forced-to-drink-brake-fluid-before-her-murder-court-hears-4-april-2018/

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