S.Africa: The Top Black CEO of Telkom (Telephones) resigns … making a run 6 months early…

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Outgoing Telkom group CEO Sipho Maseko will be leaving the company on 31 December — six months earlier than scheduled.

Telkom announced Maseko’s departure in July, saying that he will stay until the end of June next year to ensure a smooth transition for his successor.

Soon after that, Telkom announced Serame Taukobong as Group CEO Designate.

In an email to staff on Tuesday, Maseko said that he and the board resolved that he should leave earlier “in the light of a transition process that has gone incredibly well”.

This allows the company to start the new calendar under Taukobong’s leadership, he said

“Of all the communiqués I’ve released, today’s message is the most difficult I’ve had to write,” wrote Maseko.

“The reason is that I’m saying goodbye to an entity that has become part of my very being,” he said.

“For the past almost nine years, Telkom has taken up residence in my heart and mind, and often in my dreams. Not the bricks and mortar, but the essence of the journey that has led to this point in time. Tough decisions and hard work were part of this journey, as were the adventure of new beginnings, the excitement of forging new paths, the many accomplishments.”

Maseko recounted some of his memories of joining the company on 1 April 2013, including the people he met, his first EXCO team, the late Jabu Mabuza, and the trade union leadership.

“Today everything has less of a dramatic tone. We are more mature, more stable. I feel I’ve fulfilled the part of my duty that tied me to Telkom and I say farewell to everyone,” Maseko said.

“Telkom will remain very dear to me and special in my life. I believe I’ve worked with sufficient dedication, integrity, and energy to lead Telkom to where we find ourselves today. It’s nowhere near the summit of the mountain but I am certain that where I take the off-ramp, we are still firmly on the path of reaching the summit.”

Source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/telecoms/427480-telkom-ceo-sipho-maseko-leaves-six-months-early.html

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