S.Africa: Land Seizure without Compensation: Economic collapse – A Political party will fight this in court!


[I received an email from one of the Political Parties that I’m on the mailing list of. One of their Afrikaans members of Parliament said that they would be taking this land seizure to court. I’m not sure if anything can come from this. These courts, judges, etc are useless. The system is useless. What is one going to say? That the Govt can’t change the laws? That’s what the scum are there for. Let’s see what they do. Personally, I have said that I think this issue is important enough to go to war over. Jan]

Fellow South African,

We are stepping up our fight against land expropriation without compensation!

Following the Land Reform Panel’s green light earlier this month for land expropriation without compensation to go ahead, we are preparing for potential court action in the Constitutional Court, and we believe we have a strong case.

Expropriation without compensation could be in violation of Section 1 of the Constitution, but we need your support to start a court battle with the ANC government.

If we do not act soon this constitutional amendment will collapse the South African economy, which is already on life-support, because it will allow the ANC government to change the Constitution to allow land, homes and businesses to be taken without paying for them – infringing on your democratic right to own property.

Meaningful land reform can, and must, take place but with our democratic Constitution and your property rights intact.

Please consider making a donation. Help us take this corrupt government to court!

Warm regards,

One thought on “S.Africa: Land Seizure without Compensation: Economic collapse – A Political party will fight this in court!

  • 10th Nov 2019 at 5:53 pm

    You can self identify as a transvestite or a male or a woman. Liberalism has blurred the lines so farmers must now identify as black. Do the legal change on the identity document and through the law. When they come for your land they must accept you are black or they must reject gender transitioning. We must use liberal blurring of lines to get our jobs back. Affirmative action practiced against a self identifying black person has to be recognized under the law. Other wise their liberal laws will collapse. They set the precedent you must out smart your Jewish enemy at his own game. PS you will never be black just on a legal piece of paper for your protection. Should anyone say you are not black you may then file a charge of racism against them for they do not accept self identification. It really is a way to silence the Jewish destroyers using their destructive ways. It will out flank them in one stroke of the pen. Hey I am black look at that pupil in my eye you dumb smuck.


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