S.Africa: Johannesburg: White sports shooter kills 4 Blacks in gunfight & is killed


I saw an interesting story doing the rounds earlier today which I will summarise here.

A "Sports shooter" was stopped and attacked by 4 armed criminals on the road. A gun fight ensued and the sports shooter shot and killed all 4 armed attackers. But the sports shooter himself died.

The 4 criminals were also in Police uniforms! So how did the criminals get Police uniforms?

There are a lot of sports shooters in South Africa and all of those I’ve come across are White. So when I look at this story it seems to definitely be a case that 4 Blacks attacked a White man.

But the White guy clearly fought valiantly and ended up killing all 4 of his attackers.

It is very sad that we must lose one of our own in a way like this.

We have to stick together.

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