S.Africa: Farm attack, 4 Blacks attack White woman who jumps from balcony to escape, Ficksburg

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[A bakkie is a pickup truck. Nasty stuff. We have to get better at defending ourselves. But the fact is that we already survive and prevent many, many attacks on ourselves. We ALL take security precautions. It would be nice if we had our own Police though! But we do have a lot of security organisations. Jan]

A farm attack took place on on Tuesday evening 6 July 2021, on a farm in Ficksburg, in the Free State province of South Africa. Catherine Cairns (61) who stays alone was attacked in her farmhouse and detained for hours by four armed home invaders.

She when she alone when suddenly she was confronted and overpowered by the four armed black male attackers.

The attackers who were armed with knives and a firearm demanded money.

Catherine was assaulted and tied up with shoelaces and left in the bedroom on the second floor while the attackers ransacked the home. The attackers fled with Catherine’s bakkie, cellphones, a laptop, liquor and jewelry.

At 04:30 she managed to free herself after which she jumped out of the window injuring herself and walked to a neighboring farm to get help.

Police were notified and are investigating but there have been no arrests.


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