S.Africa: Crime: Multiple Shots Fired in Hijacking attempt in Durban

A botched hijacking which took place on Moore Road in Durban, had Blue Security armed response officers taking cover.

It’s alleged that four suspects in a white VW Polo attempted hijacking a motorist. One of the suspects hiding behind the getaway vehicle fired shots at the Blue security armed response officer, who then drew his weapon and returned fire, hitting the vehicle multiple times.

The suspect’s homemade firearm was hidden at the scene and was later found by Blue Security’s area manager.

The bullet-riddled getaway vehicle was left at the scene as two suspects ran off into the community while the other two suspects were apprehended by the Blue Security officers.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/kwazulu-natal/multiple-shots-fired-in-botched-hijacking-in-durban/

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