S.Africa: Crime: High speed chase and crash, car thief arrested, Kei Bridge

Kei Bridge Police swiftly responded to a call where a vehicle was stolen at Ndabakazi Location on the afternoon of 15 April 2021,and managed to arrest the suspect.

Information received was that the vehicle is driving to the direction of Kei Bridge and backup was called to assist in the chase.

The vehicle was spotted on N2, the driver did not stop and as a result he bumped the entrance gate at the Kei Bridge Police Station. The driver drove off the road to the bushes and it is then that the vehicle stopped.

The suspect was arrested and charged for possession of stolen property (vehicle) and negligent and reckless driving.

He is due to appear at Butterworth Magistrate Court soon.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/eastern-cape/high-speed-chase-and-crash-car-thief-arrested-kei-bridge/

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