S.Africa: Crime: 3 Men arrested with unlicensed firearms at a Sandhurst hotel

Police have arrested three men for being in possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. It is alleged that JMPD officers were on duty performing crime prevention in Sandhurst area, near Sandton when the arrest was made.

It was in the early hours of Wednesday 19 May 2021, when the officers received information that there were three men at the hotel who were allegedly in possession of firearms.

The police followed the information and upon their arrival, three men were found. A search was then conducted whereby the members found three firearms of different makes, magazines and ammunition.

Two firearms have serial numbers. On the third firearm, the serial number has been filed off.

The three men were then questioned and after having failed to account for such possession, were subsequently arrested on reasonable suspicion that they were in possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

They were taken to Bramley Police Station for detention and further investigation. All of them will be subjected to police profiling to determine whether they have ever been involved in the commission of crime elsewhere in the country.

Two suspects aged 24 and 31 shall appear in court soon.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/3-men-arrested-with-unlicensed-firearms-at-a-sandhurst-hotel/

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