S.Africa: Crime: 2 Men shot and killed, 2 wounded, Kuils River

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[This may be blacks or other non-whites. This is gang stuff. Jan]

The circumstances surrounding a double murder and two attempted murders are being investigated following an incident in Van Riebeeck Road Kuils River on the afternoon of 17 April 2021, at around 13:30.

Two men aged 23 and 41 were shot and killed while two others aged 22 and 30 were wounded.

It is suspected that one of the fatal victims was the target in a possible gang related attack and the other three were caught in in the crossfire.

Two suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/western-cape/2-men-shot-and-killed-2-wounded-kuils-river/

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