S.Africa: Black on Black madness: Man who allegedly cut out girlfriend’s intestines shot dead by police in KZN – My Comments

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[This story sounds to me like it's most likely a Black man who did this. He apparently stabbed his girlfriend to death and gutted her. That's freaking wild. The Police saw him busy gutting her when they arrived. These people are nuts. Jan]

Police allegedly caught the man gutting his girlfriend, who he also allegedly stabbed to death.

A case of death as a result of police action is currently being investigated after a man stabbed his girlfriend to death in KwaZulu-Natal, forcing law enforcement to intervene.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) said in a statement on Sunday the 34-year-old man allegedly fatally stabbed his girlfriend while visiting her on 1 January.

After the incident, he was reported to the police.

When authorities arrived at the deceased girlfriend’s home, they allegedly found the boyfriend cutting the woman’s stomach open and removing her intestines, “as if he was conducting the post mortem”.

Police said the man then tried to attack them, resulting in him being shot dead.

The knife used by the deceased and three empty 9mm cartridges were recovered at the scene.

It later emerged the girlfriend was renting the room she was residing in.

Police found the woman’s bank cards, but have not yet been able to establish her identity.

Investigations into the case are continuing.

Source: https://www.citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/crime/2951132/man-who-allegedly-cut-out-girlfriends-intestines-shot-dead-by-police-in-kzn/

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