S.Africa: Black man who said: Kill all the Whites, kill their children and their cats and dogs … has he got AIDS?

[This Black guy is even more extremist than the communist racist Julius Malema. But Malema also called openly for the genocide of all Whites many times. But this guy went further and said Whites should be killed including their children and their cats and dogs. Interestingly his political party was deregistered for a time because he refused White people to join! I can't imagine any Whites wanting to join. Perhaps some Jews wanted to join because Jews have joined Malema's EFF and Malema is defended in court by Jews. So this guy, who runs BLF, Black Land First and advocates for the killing of Whites and children and pets … disappeared in June and reappeared just before the dumb local elections. But when he reappeared, all the Blacks were shocked by the photos because he'd lost a lot of weight and they say he nearly died. You can see the photos below. In the top photo you can see what he looked like before, he was buffy and strong… and then look at his photo below … how much weight he lost. He nearly, nearly died. But now I have a question: They do not say what illness he had. If he had had COVID they would have said so. Why was it a secret? NORMALLY … when Blacks behave like this, it is because they got AIDS!!! Among the Blacks, AIDS is known as "the slimming disease". They begin to lose weight and they become uncommonly thin and can stay like that for years, because I suspect they get expensive American cocktail drugs that keep them alive – otherwise they'd drop dead. So we need to watch this guy, because he might just have AIDS. These Blacks don't have strong immune systems. We'll have to watch him, but I don't think he'll be the same again. Bummer for him that he might not be here one day to watch the race war that he's so keen on! Jan]

Images of thin, sickly-looking BLF leader Andile Mngxitama shock SA

The BLF leader was a strangely absent figure during campaigning for the local government elections, and re-emerged looking gaunt ahead of voting day.

Andile Mngxitama looking gaunt after a recent period of illness.

Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama received numerous messages of support on social media on Sunday evening after making his first public appearance in months after struggling with an undisclosed illness.

It was immediately apparent that he had lost a great deal of weight, although reports suggest he is now on the mend, and he was smiling in videos and photographs on Sunday.

In a public appearance with his supporters, he thanked party members for continuing with BLF work while he was recovering.

The Citizen understands Mngxitama opted to keep his poor health status confidential while he was ill, but people close to him have said that he nearly died.

The BLF will be contesting some municipalities in the local government elections on Monday, but it’s campaign was very low key due to the long absence of its outspoken, controversial leader whose party was deregistered for a time due to its refusal to allow white people to be members.

Mngxitama has long courted controversy for his hardcore stance that only black people should be considered the rightful owners of land and other resources in South Africa. He was previously a senior member of the EFF and a member of parliament but had a very public fallout with the party and its leader Julius Malema in 2015. He and a group of other EFF dissidents were expelled.

Shortly before his disappearance from public life in about June 2021, Mngxitama was advocating passionately against Covid-19 vaccinations, having previously publicised the myth that the disease is caused by 5G cellphone towers.

The BLF contested its first elections during national and provincial elections in 2019, but failed to win a seat. Mngxitama accused the IEC of not capturing their votes accurately, saying after the results were declared: “We reject these elections … we were robbed. In many instances, results from their voting districts where 50 of our comrades voted says BLF came out with zero votes. A lot of our votes were stolen.”

Source: https://www.citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/elections/local-2021/2895188/images-of-thin-sickly-looking-blf-leader-andile-mngxitama-shock-sa/

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