Rhodesia: My Youth: Poisonous Asbestos – so AWESOME …

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On the topic of DDT, which was used a lot when I was a kid, and which is now so apparently hideous, I must tell you about asbestos. Asbestos nowadays has a bad name. But asbestos was a wonderful product produced in Rhodesia. It was tough, and you could do all sorts of things with it. It was used extensively for roofing. The roofs of our house and other buildings were all made of asbestos. I crawled on it, played on it, etc.

But you will find people, even here in South Africa, making medical claims about how poisonous and evil asbestos is.

This related to what the US Army veteran wrote about biological warfare. He made the point that people have lost the ability to assess RISK and DANGER, and all sorts of junk like this China-Flu crap, is now regarded as "dangerous" when these things are minor risks at best.

Our minds have become clouded and we can’t assess risk properly and many things are marketed and shrieked at as risky or removed from markets on the fear of "risk" and "danger" when in fact, they were achieving great things.

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