Rhodesia 2019: 54 Years after the Rhodesian rebellion! – Whites are always right!

Today is the 11th November! The 54th anniversary of the whites of Rhodesia rebelling against Britain and deciding to fight for white power.

When I look at the modern Zimbabwe that exists, I laugh at the ineptitude of the place. Its a complete mess even for the blacks. Its a total shambles. 40% of the black population live OUTSIDE ZIMBABWE. They send money to their family there. They visit for short periods of time. But otherwise, even THEY cannot survive there.

The country is struggling to run even a currency. They are on the verge of YET ANOTHER (Jewish) Weimar-like implosion – financially. Its hell … even for the blacks, and they had “democracy” and all that sort of nonsense.

What is missing in this world, are proper leaders and proper governments run by people who know what they are doing. Jews don’t like whites doing this.

That’s why South Africa is heading down this hill too. But South Africa is still in far better shape.

In Zimbabwe there are very few whites left, and the good news is that even the white farmers whom the Govt wanted back did not like it.

Whites outside Africa must STOP giving money to the blacks. Stop giving them food. STOP giving them our science and technology. Leave them all to sink. That will help the entire western world and it will help us whites in Africa massively.

I’ll conclude by saying: Ian Smith was right … Rhodesia was right. Just like the Confederates, just like the NAZIs, just like the Apartheid whites of South Africa … the whites were right.

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