Reader: Jan are you aware of ways of moving money? – My MASSIVE EFFORT to bypass Paypal & Credit Cards


A reader wrote this to me: Hi Jan Are you aware that there are alternate ways to receive payments/donations bypassing paypal and credit cards, on the internet?

This was my reply:
Alan, you have no idea how many methods I have investigated. I have investigated many, many, many!! I have set up accounts. I have figured things out, and then people are not even interested in using them at all, even when they work perfectly fine.

One of my greatest finds for example was Zelle. Its an American banking App that works for almost every single US Bank. I thought it was genius, the answer to Paypal. Do you know that only 2 of my donors ever used Zelle! Yet I spent hours and hours, even phoning the USA, setting it up. It is brilliant. It works like paypal, with an email or a phone number. Nobody knows even which bank the money goes to. And yet, in the years since I found it only 2 people used it. I thought it was the greatest find, other than Bitcoin! Yet people do not show interest.

Others are Western Union, which is not totally online. Then there’s World Remit, which works like a bomb. Again, a handful of people use it at best.

I found so many. I even have monies sitting in accounts that I need to retrieve. I spent countless numbers of hours of looking into ways of moving money, and I found quite a lot of stuff, and I tell people who want to donate about the ways, and most just ignore all the automated online methods!!!

With credit cards it is much, much harder. There I’m battling. Its very difficult.

Also with Europe its almost impossible to move money there. Very difficult. I had hoped for Revolut which markets itself as a worldwide banking app. But it can’t work for me because it does not work with South Africa.

Transferwise can’t be used. I had them, and even before I did a test payment they shut me down with some bogus excuse.

Alan, I’ve been hunting for different online payment methods since 2017! And I’ve investigated LOTS. I’ve spent countless hours looking into them and keeping the knowledge to myself until someone wants to donate and I tell you the majority of people won’t even bother.

What I have noticed though, is that many whites are terrorised and they do not want to use these methods because they fear tracking. It is FEAR, JEWISH TERRORISM if you will, that is scaring people.

Some are scared of them being tracked. Others are afraid of technology (which whites should not be).

You are welcome to send suggestions. People send me suggestions all the time, but I am getting tired of investigating these things and sometimes spending many hours, and on rare occasions even making international phone calls to their contact centres to get them to explain things to me. I waste hours and hours and in the end, nobody will use it to even send $5. So its very frustrating.

I get all kinds of suggestions and each person makes a suggestion and expects me to use it. And from past experience I know that if I go to the trouble of making it work for that one person, that (a) that person might still not donate (b) That person will be the ONLY person who uses it.

One of the biggest negatives of the white right is the combination of terror and fear of being tracked combined with a fear of technology – which is SO WRONG! Our technology is our best weapon.

Its most irritating. I even, for example, managed to find a gateway, for use in South Africa, and I got permissions, manuals, etc so I can do transactions without people knowing the bank or account of the destination … and… when I looked at implementing it, and that I would need several days to write a special piece of software to do it, then I decided to not waste my time because I’ll waste 4 or so days, and I know that not even 1 person will ever use it.

Its most, most, most frustrating. I’ve been on a mission since 2017 to find ways around Paypal. I’ve found a bunch of them, and very few people even use any of them. Its most frustrating.

The one area where I am truly stuck though, is credit cards. That would interest me. And the other problem, is how to move monies between Europe and South Africa or Europe and the USA. (My hope there had been the scum, Transferwise, but they’re full of shit).

I must add that someone else, a loyal supporter, did mention yet another method that’s working great for him. And it looks really good. But again, because people won’t register, or they don’t want to learn or try, its pointless.

YES, there are MANY WAYS to bypass Paypal. And still people come to me and ask me if they can donate via Paypal. I had accomodated such people tremendously, to the point of losing about 8+ paypal accounts. Then eventually I decided its too inconvenient. Paypal seizes your money, and they do with it as they please. They seized $200 of mine 2 years ago, and I need to get that money back. But they seized monies of mine of 8 or so different occasions. In one case I had to wait 7 months before I could get the money out of those swines, and when you do, they have a very nasty method of doing it. Each time you get your money out of them, they black list each account and bank every time.

Paypal are dogshit. They are the one company I will never deal with again. Transferwise are swines as well. I suspect they share blacklists of some kind because Transferwise shut my account down before I even used it. I had hoped I could use Transferwise to move monies between Europe and the USA. I spit on them.

Let me tell you, when it comes to looking into technical problems and looking for ways to bypass our enemies, with money or with other methods, you have no idea the lengths I have gone to, and the hundreds, even thousands of hours I have spent working on ways to solve problems and overcome hassles. More than you can know.

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