RACE WAR lessons for all White males, from Whites in Africa … Step 1…

So my first main Portuguese/Angola video is now out. In this video I discuss RACE WAR, and how can whites survive masses of blacks attacking? We study, closely, the way the Portuguese civilians saved themselves in 1961. But in the next video we will look at things from a higher level in the brutal war that was unfolding, the most brutal conflict that whites and blacks had ever had. Hidden in there are other interesting facts, which point the way to the total undoing of the blacks, regardless of how many of them there are. After that, I will continue with the military lessons, and we will look at other conflicts, firstly, Croatia, where we will see the same lessons as from Africa clearly at work. What I’m showing men, are the first tactics and strategies needed for whites to survive any mass onslaught. This is what "newbie" soldiers can do, and it works. This is prior to white males gaining their confidence and heading to the next level, which is when you attack and take the war to the enemy … to pound the shit out of them!

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