Race and Illness and COVID-19…. Black Americans have 10x the AIDS levels of Whites

There have been a handful of articles about Corona Virus and race, but its very scant. However, I would urge people to keep an eye open for info and articles on race and illness, especially flu-type illnesses, which is what this Covid-19 is.

In the 1918 Spanish Flu, isolated groups, especially Maoris, American Indians, and “Native Alaskans” were being killed by the flu at a tremendous rate.

Interestingly, among whites, the Ice Landers, probably due to their isolation, were much more vulnerable than the whites of New Zealand, and they had to do a lockdown to save themselves. They were, as far as I can understand, the most vulnerable of the whites.

Vulnerability to disease appears to relate to non-agricultural peoples, and whites, and apparently blacks (so they claim – though I find it hard to believe), have better immunity due to farming. We are a very agricultural people and it appears that viruses from animals infect humans a lot. But if you do a lot of agriculture, then over time, you develop immunities to this. This is a tremendous strength of whites. Also, whites who have moved around the planet, are also infected by other non-whites, and vica versa. There were times when diseases which did not affect us, caused other races to die out.

So generally speaking, as a race, due to our wide geographical movements and our close relationships with animals and our own nasty experiences with major plagues like the black death, our immune systems should be generally stronger than others.

I am convinced from my observations in Africa that the blacks are weaker than us in this regard.

I urge people to look for race and disease info. I am interested in it myself, and I’ve been doing some digging.

Finally, while digging around, I found in US medical literature a fact that clearly is hidden from white americans. AIDS levels among black Americans is 10x that of White Americans and Hispanics. I saw it in US medical stats. Nobody talks about that. And that would then match exactly what we whites have seen in Africa. AIDS kills blacks and a few white faggots, but mainly it kills blacks. There are 8 million blacks in South Africa with AIDS currently. The only thing that allows them to survive are anti-retroviral drugs from the USA, etc.

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