Preventing White Revolution in USA & SA: THE ZONE OF TANTALUS – Jews & Blacks

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[Here is a very interesting email from one of my South African supporters that I received almost exactly a year ago. This email has had me thinking over and over again about this concept. I have suspected such a concept exists, but this is the first time I’ve seen that someone has actually put a name to it.

I can’t find this concept mentioned anywhere. I can’t find a scientific or other reference to the concept of The Zone of Tantalus. However the discussions around it are interesting. I suspect such a “concept” exists in military/intelligence/govt circles. What it is really called I would not know.

The main point of this discussion is that there is a point at which, white people (or any people), can’t take the pressures that they are under and they will lash out. This concept is only found on 4chan’s /pol/ section and there’s a reference to it on

I think that Governments, Jews, Military, Police and Intelligence services watch for and monitor the possibility of whites exploding into revolution and anger. This is a topic we will discuss in a video that I’ve been working on about Pyschological Warfare against White Christians in America and South Africa. There is no doubt in my mind that whites are manipulated psychologically at many times.

For the record: Tantalus is a Greek myth about a man who was punished for sacrificing his son to the Gods. Tantalus is condemned to the darkest pit of the Underworld, to be forever tortured by fruit and water he can’t quite reach. He is condemned to being hungry and thirsty forever.

The title of this discussion on is: Jews Make Sure Their Attacks On Whites Never Exceed the Zone Of Tantalus To Ensure Whites Don’t Genocide Them.  Jan]

My supporter wrote:-

Sent: 21 November 2017 06:35 PM
To: History Reviewed Channel

Hi Jan
Thought I’d share this just in case you haven’t come across it yourself.
The Zone of Tantalus is the amount a person will endure before they lash out.

For scam artists, the Zone of Tantalus is usually defined by how much effort or money is needed to attack them back. So if you are scammed 5k, but it will cost you 10k to sue and recover that money, you won’t sue.

It’s the same with the Jews, there is an amount of anti-White activity, such as mass immigration and anti-White policies like “Affirmative Action”, that Whites will tolerate before they arm themselves and genocide the tribe responsible.

Jews gauge goy reactions to see what they can get away with at any given time and when the goy react strongly they shut down or scale back their operations since they know they are on the verge of exceeding the zone of Tantalus.


We must shrink the zone of Tantalus at the same time a major anti-White operation is taking place to wake up the White race.

The NSA’s primary purpose is to gauge the zone of Tantalus after 9/11 to avoid a mob burning down the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli and Saudi Embassy, the banks, and executing the Bush family.

I asked him for his sources and this is what he gave me. I checked up and saw that he had basically summarised what others had discussed. There are no other references to this concept of The Zone of Tantalus:-

I found it on /pol:

It leads to this forum:

Give the website a second as it ‘checks your privilege’ lol
There could be other interesting things on that site too.

I haven’t been able to find anything else but I like the concept. It should be a thing.


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