President Donald Trump: The *ONLY* friendly Western leader White South Africans EVER HAD

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It concerns me that the (((Liberals))) are getting ready to slander and destroy Trump if he should leave office. But I will tell you that for us white South Africans, he is the ONLY friend in high places we’ve had in 30+ years. The ONLY one. He’s the ONLY one who ever spoke publicly about our plight.

Among the scum who left his administration to smear him before the election, were those who said that in private meetings, he would raise the issue of the white South Africans in meetings not related to us.

Trump is, clearly, by my estimation, the ONLY white male in the Western world, who as a President of a nation has shown the slighted bit of interest in us.


I must tell you, that if Trump is no longer President of the USA, then we’ve lost the greatest friend we ever had. For even a few words that he said about us, was far better than the TOTAL NOTHING that *ALL* the other Western leaders said about us.

This is something that makes me very sad in seeing the possibility of him going.

Of course, on a higher level, and much more importantly, I am sad that WHITE AMERICA LOST. That is the far bigger disaster. That is, WHITE AMERICA LOSING ITS SELF CONFIDENCE. That’s huge. That’s dreadful.

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